AUDE set to publish member guide for commissioning decarbonisation brief and scope

  • 26th February 2024

Universities will play a key role in decarbonisation efforts

The Association of University Directors of Estates (AUDE) has commissioned a decarbonisation report to support facilities managers at higher education centres across the country.

Recent work from the association’s Sustainability Advisory Group identified that effectively commissioning a decarbonisation brief and scope for institutions is a growing priority and a challenging process.

And, after a tender process run last year, AUDE chose Arup to provide a best-practice guide on the issue to support members in their own activity.

The guide is expected to be published this spring.

“Arup recognises the crucial role universities play in tackling climate change, and this new guidance from its experts helps our members understand how to effectively brief consultants to develop decarbonisation plans to meet their net zero goals, and how to put those plans into action”, said an AUDE spokesman.

“With lots of experience advising universities across the UK on reaching net zero emissions, Arup’s dedicated team, led by experts Andy Sheppard and Adele Fletcher, will bring valuable insight into the unique drivers and priorities influencing sustainability efforts in the sector.

“By combining knowledge from carbon management plans, net-zero pathways, and decarbonisation strategies already developed in higher education and beyond, this work will provide targeted advice to maximise success when planning and implementing tailored decarbonisation roadmaps suited to institutions’ individual characteristics and progress.”

The guide will be an important resource to rapidly reduce carbon emissions in line with scientific targets.

“By enabling our members to effectively brief consultants and accelerate climate action on campus, the guidance aims to drive our sector’s shift towards net zero carbon,” said the spokesman.


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