Barfield Prep School opens new sustainable building

  • 26th June 2024

Designed by TG Escapes, the bespoke timber building is built around biophilic design principles, which benefit stress levels and improve engagement

An independent school in Farnham has opened a new, state-of-the-art school building, a sustainably-designed facility which will connect pupils to the natural environment and inspire them while they learn.

To celebrate the launch, Barfield Prep School held an opening ceremony attended by the Mayor of Farnham, Councillor Alan Earwalker.

Barfield School enlisted the help of TG Escapes to design and build the new facilities.

TG Escapes use a method of modular construction that creates a cost-effective permanent structure faster, with less disruption than traditional construction, ensuring educational continuity for staff and students.

Its bespoke timber buildings are sustainable, inspirational, and built around biophilic design principles, which benefit stress levels and engagement.

The new building at Barfield Prep School, which took four months to complete, includes a new dining hall.

The use of full-height windows running from floor to ceiling brings the outside in and the room offers panoramic views across nature and ample natural light, making lunchtimes more pleasurable for the pupils and staff.

Other new additions include a commercial kitchen with cold and dry stores, a potwash area, an office, toilet, a plant room, and an external veranda overlooking the head teacher’s lawn.

Andy Boyle, Barfield Prep School’s headmaster, said: “Since I joined the school, the need for a dedicated dining hall has been something I have wanted to address.

“For over 50 years the sports hall doubled up as the place to eat, but it was a noisy, chaotic, impractical space with high windows and no views.

The building includes a new dining hall

“We now have a beautifully-designed eco-friendly functional building for everyone at the school to enjoy and benefit from.

“Having had other developments done recently, we were expecting there to be significant disruption to our school day, but the team managed to go quietly about their business without impacting on us at all.”

The dining hall space will also host Barfield’s Upper School pupils for their after-school prep sessions and prep snacks and their match teas after sports fixtures.

Clive Hicks, project manager at TG Escapes, said: “It’s been an honour to work with Barfield Prep School on this project.

“We are committed to providing pupils with a positive environment where all can thrive and this has been achieved on this project through sustainable design decisions and material choices.

“The pupils now have views of nature, high levels of natural light and ventilation – a great boost for all to enjoy.”


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