TG Escapes nurtures the next generation of construction professionals

  • 25th April 2024

Stratford upon Avon School

Modular eco building specialist, TG Escapes, has announced a landmark collaboration with Stratford upon Avon School, a beacon of the Design Engineer Construct! (DEC) Learning Programme.

The partnership, fostered through Class of Your Own’s ‘Adopt A School’ scheme, marks a significant stride towards nurturing the talent essential for the modern digital construction industry.

Stratford upon Avon School is a leading DEC centre, committed to equipping 878 students from years 7-13 with knowledge and skills in digital engineering and sustainable construction practices.

Its curriculum is a testament to the power of Design Engineer Construct!, preparing students to tackle the challenges of reducing the construction industry’s carbon footprint through innovative design and engineering solutions.

“Expertise in employing Modern Methods of Construction and our commitment to sustainability not only complements the DEC curriculum, but also offers a tangible example of how the industry can evolve to meet net zero objectives,” said a spokesman for TG Escapes.

“Through this partnership, students at Stratford upon Avon School will have the unique opportunity to engage with our professionals, gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies, and apply their learning to real-life projects.

“This initiative not only aims to inspire the next generation of digital construction professionals, but also underscores the importance of collaborative efforts between education and industry in fostering innovation and sustainable development.”

Alison Watson, chief executive of Class Of Your Own, added: “Some exceptional talent is evolving, nurtured from 11 years old and I look forward to witnessing the incredible achievements that will undoubtedly emerge from this remarkable collaboration.”

Pupils gained hands-on experience with cutting-edge construction technologies

Case study

When the DEC Level 3 Diploma students at Stratford upon Avon School were asked at the start of Year 12 why they opted for this course, many replied that they had chosen it because they wanted to become architects.

Nearing the end of the course, 80% of the cohort are applying for degrees and degree apprenticeships in the Built Environment; however, applications range from architecture and architectural technology to civil engineering, quantity surveying, and project management.

Over the past 18 months, they have taken charge of their own projects, developed ideas and understanding of sustainability and accessibility while ‘trying on for size’ several different roles, and have discovered the wider variety of careers available within the built environment.

One of the teachers on the programme said: “We have been thrilled with the engagement of our sixth form students and seeing them take ownership of their projects.

“We have seen this cohort become incredibly invested in their projects, making careful decisions and reflecting on their choices from architectural, structural and sustainable perspectives.

“They are each other’s greatest support and greatest critics! They regularly critique each other’s projects to challenge each other to develop better solutions to the problems they have faced.

“We have seen them develop a cohesive and supportive mindset in the classroom, offering encouragement in developing their skill sets from representational to technical analysis of a design, structural or energy evaluation. They have become one big project team!”

And one of the students on the course, added: “I chose this course because I was interested in the built environment.

“I like the structural aspects of a building as I find it interesting how everything pieces together.

“This course has given me a greater understanding of all aspects involved in an AEC project, and I have been able to use some of my maths knowledge and mechanics from physics.

“I have applied for degrees which cover civil, structural, and architectural engineering so I can decide after my first year which area I will focus on.”

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